Comparison to Other Gas Geysers

11 Good Reasons to Buy Surya Gas Geysers

  • OXYGEN SENSOR to Protect your Family from any miss-happenings while using Surya Gas Geyser other Gas Geysers never have Comparison to Other Gas Geysers this feature because its costly.

  • All the parts of Surya Gas Geysers are made according to ISI Mark Standards but other Gas Geysers do not Comparison to Other Gas Geysers follow this.

  • HEAVY DUTY TANK (0.45mm Sheet) which give long life to Surya’s Gas Geysers & more heating to you. Other Gas Geysers use on 0.26mm Pipe Length.

  • WIDER AND BIGGER DIAMETER OF PIPE (11mm) of Heat Exchanger which give you really hot water & big flow of Water, other Gas Geysers use 7.96mm pipe.

  • MORE LENGTH OF COPPER PIPE (3120mm) which makes your which makes your machine more efficient to give out more hot water by consuming same Gas. Other Gas Geysers use only 2200mm pipe length.

  • WIDER BURNER (260mm) which makes gas burns completely and due to this it does not produce Carbon mono oxide, other Gas Geysers use 220 mm normally.

  • WORLD’S BEST QUALITY SOLENOID (A class) to give you proper regulation of gas and increase safety. Other Gas Geysers use D Class.

  • TRULY ORIGINAL PARTS to almost three times the life of your Geyser.

  • MORE FENCES OF COPPER(75Nos.) to increase the Contact surface area which makes the machine 95% efficient other Gas Geysers use only 52 fences.

  • BEST CUSTOMER CARE CENTERS all over the country to give you the best services.